Most of you don’t know me at all. I used to write a blog on blogging and web in general at “Chidimar” and about WordPress and WordPress Tutorials at “WPPanda”. Well hello everyone! I’m Ali Shahbaz Mehdi (alias Enk.). This is my first post after several years so please bear with my weaknesses in writing and narrative skills. First things first, some introduction.

I’m a Communication & Brand Identity Designer and an Art and Design practitioner. I love watching movies, specifically those that challenge the concepts of time, space and/or technology. I started as a Freelancer and junior Web Designer at Gexton, leading to WordPress Developer to Blogger and Digital Designer. After my graduation in Communication Design I joined Spectrum Y&R, affiliated with Young & Rubicam as a Concept Developer and Creative Visualiser. I started working and adapting Print Media and the aesthetics that come along.

With my diverse and mixed experience as a Freelancer and an Advertising Creative, working with local and international, big an small size of businesses and organisations and as a graduate of Communication Design and not just Graphic Design I have a good understanding of the message we have to get through, the need we have to create, the perspective we have to draw as a Communication Designer. Still feeding my hunger for more Art & Design experiences and knowledge that interest me, recently I have joined UNSW Arts & Design, Australia as a Master of Design student and my next goal is to work in Product Design & Domestic Futures.

This is my attempt at blogging once more. I hope I continue writing, often. If that happens, it’ll be a mix of my thoughts, design, technology, movies and stuff like that. Thank you to those who read and thanks to the scrollers as well. I’ll do need your guys comments and thoughts on my writing skills, your suggestions about what I should write (’cause I’m not sure, I’m just trying to write again) or may be just any kind of feedback that is more productive.

Thank you all.

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